Sharon Morse writes bold and heartfelt contemporary stories for children and teens featuring Latinx characters.


Come On In: 15 Stories about Immigration and Finding Home


Inkyard Press (October 2020)

Adi Alsaid - Editor 

Sharon Morse - Contributor

This exceptional and powerful anthology explores the joys, heartbreaks and triumphs of immigration, with stories by critically acclaimed and bestselling YA authors who are shaped by the journeys they and their families have taken from home—and to find home.



“There is humor, tenderness, despair, outrage, and tenacity… This is a poignant and powerful collection of universal themes embedded with cultural specificity.”

—Booklist *starred review*

"Alsaid edits an extraordinary anthology featuring exquisite writing and offering a genuinely diverse collection on the richly layered topic of immigration. International in scope, the cross-section of voices is refreshingly diverse while also unified by emotional vulnerability.... [D]eeply relevant to our contemporary world. A must-have antidote to xenophobia and a much-needed, compassionate mirror for many."

—Kirkus Reviews *starred review*  

"This topical anthology successfully unites 15 short stories depicting a variety of immigrant experiences. A diverse group of protagonists populates the tales—characters of various belief systems, ethnicities, and sexual orientations hail originally from Iran, Japan, Puerto Rico, and more countries, and settings include Argentina, Fiji, and Mexico.... [e]ach contribution provides a snapshot of the many meanings the word “home” can evoke, making for a thought-provoking read." 

—Publisher's Weekly *starred review*


“These stories highlight the literal and emotional journeys of immigration, while also offering cultural views of travel, government, and geography. Readers will experience the joys, heartbreaks, struggles, and triumphs of the families depicted.”

—School Library Journal


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